What Does an Apple iPad Warranty Cover?

iPad warranty is limited to on year and it is a warranty about all apple products. This warranty covers defects in all materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year. The period of one year starts running from the first day you have purchased the product. If there is a hardware defect, you detect on your apple device, you can return the product to the producer and Apple will either repair the product for free, or exchange the product for a new one from the same model. Finally, if you do not want the same product, Apple can return you the money for the product.

When you have the replaced part on your device, it becomes your property and the part that has been replaced becomes Apple’s property. Parts, that Apple has provided have to be used for the same devices which the warranty cover. If you want to get your money back, you need to return the device to Apple.

The warranty is limited which means it covers only hardware which is Apple’s trademark. That means the warranty does not apply to any non – Apple hardware or software product. Manufacturers and publishers which are other than Apple, provide their own warranties. If you do not follow the instructions for correct use of the product, and that results in damage, Apple’s warranty will not be applied for that problem’s correction.

Apple iPad warranty cannot be applied when your device needs to be repaired because there is a cosmetic damage such as broken plastics on ports or scratches. Also, it cannot be applied to consumable parts which naturally diminish over time – such as batteries, protective coatings and so on – unless the problem occurs because of a defect in materials which were used for making the product.

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